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Information Architect / Designer

Hey, Now!

Welcome to stevenheitman-ia.com, my home on the Web. My name is Steven Heitman. I am an Information Architect Specialist, User Experience Designer, Researcher, Manager, Mentor, Director.

Other skills include: User Experience Architect, Interaction Designer, Information Designer, Navigational Systems Designer, User-Centered Designer, Technical Writer, Corporate Trainer, Instructional Designer, Curriculum Developer, Graphic Designer, Typographer, and Usability Tester.

While these are additional skills, I am specialized in my line of work and looking for the right match. My qualifications are listed below, including what I am seeking for in an employment opportunity.

Steven Heitman, Information Architect, BayCHI meeting, after meeting, Hooked by Nir Eyal, Stanford University

Photo Credit: Taken by Jerome Domurat, Product Interaction Designer, Human Factors Engineer; in Palo Alto, California, we went for refreshments, after BayCHI presentation (Fall, 2013), Hooked Model, by Nir Eyal, Stanford University.

Seeking Full-Time IA / UXD Permanent Employment

Prefer San Francisco or Palo Alto, for a position as an Information Architect (IA), User Experience Designer (UXD), Researcher, Manager, Mentor, Director (or best-matched option).

Please send along your job order and description to my email. Please set up a time to consult with me. I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn, so send me an invitation (updated April 1, 2014). Thank you.

Design research
Information architect
User experience designer
User experience architect
Interaction designer
Navigational systems
User-centered design
Project manager
Technical writer
Usability expert

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User Experience Design Skills

My experience extends far, deep, into design research, Information Architecture, documentation and deliverables, user experience design (good resource: 10 Principles of UX), experience architecture, interaction design, navigational systems design, interface design, user-centered design, organizational and structural development, wayfinding, usability testing, management, and directing.

Using Axure, creating components, prototyping, and diagrams for Websites:

Site Maps, Widgets, Choose and Search Widget Libraries, Anchor Links, Tab Control, Flyout Menus, Account Login, Auto-Tab Fields, Required Fields, Photo Carousel, Drag & Drop Images, Setting Text on Droplist Selection, Tip Calculator (Example), Auto-Rotating Banner, Pass Text to Next Page; eCommerce Websites; Mobile Websites.

Mapping and Diagramming and other items. It is also important to work on Web page layout for Websites, doing wire frame mockups using Axure (Figure 1). Axure helps to automate the process of creating high-quality documents and prototyping.


Axure wire frame mockup
Figure 1

I work with clients on developing excellent blueprints (conceptual designs promoting user-centered design principles), taking a systematic approach on projects. Doing design research and card sorting helps to establish user-centered design for a Website (Figure 2).

card sorting helps to establish usability and user-centered design for Websites
Figure 2

Developing Information Architecture that works right—integrated correctly into products (qualitative research, quantitative research; methods-of-design research; user experience architecture and design).

Synopsis of Skills

This helps end users to successfully use online products, when it is applied correctly to improve usability of products. Of course, taking a systematic approach in an agile environment really helps to get the job done right.

Systematic Approach



Information Architect (IA) / User Experience Designer (UXD) / Researcher /
Manager / Mentor / Director—Expertise (specific education and skills for high-tech industry)

San Francisco State University

Specialized Education, Vocational Training, Certifications, for Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, User-Centered Design, Usability Testing

Master of Arts Education—IA MAEd

IA Certification (IA MAEd Thesis Report)

Certification of Completion (IA MAEd)

Title: An Online Tutorial for Instructional Designers to Learn about Information Architecture

IA Technical & Professional Writing Certification
(Equivalent to BATPW)—IA TPW Certification

Emphasis and Courses: Information Architecture (IA), Usability Testing, User-Centered Design (extended into User Experience Design, Social Media), Corporate Training, Instructional Design, Technical & Professional Writing, Research, Management

Curriculum: “The curriculum covers cognitive and learning theories, needs assessment, instructional design models and strategies, visual and web-based designs, information architecture, usability testing, knowledge and performance assessment, and project management.”


San Francisco State University

The Multimedia Studies Program

Master of Arts Industrial Arts—IA MAIA
(GRAD GPA 3.93)

IA Certification (IA MAIA Thesis Report)

Title: An Online Tutorial for Digital-Media Designers to Learn about Web Navigational Systems

Award: Epsilon Pi Tau, International Honorary for Professionals in Technology

Award: Golden Key National Honor Society (Excellence in Scholastic Achievement)

IA Internet Design & Technology Certification—IA ID&T Certification

Bachelor of Arts Industrial Arts—IA BAIA
(Graduated Cum Laude; SFSU GPA 3.78)

Title (Senior Thesis Report): HTML Editors—Their Practical Use in Web Design

AS & Award of Achievement—AS & AA (double major in IA & Design; in conjunction with the IA BAIA)

Emphasis and Courses: Information Architecture (IA), Graphic Design, Interaction Design (extended into User Experience Design, Multimedia, Game Design, Social Media), Navigational Systems Design, Internet Design & Technology, Usability Testing, Research, Management

Curriculum: “The Design and Industry Department offers a strong, well rounded, interdisciplinary education to a diverse population with an emphasis in Design and Technology, Visual Communication, Industrial Technology, and Product Design and Development. Our program prepares students to make valuable contributions to their fields through communication, innovation, function, management and production. We strive for a global approach towards design that includes social, ethical and environmental responsibility [at undergraduate-level, did double major: Information Architecture, Graphic Design].”


California College of the Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts—BFA

Emphasis and Courses: Graphic Design, Typography

Curriculum: “It is one of the premier fine arts and design institutions in the United States and a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), a consortium of thirty-six leading art schools in the United States and Canada. CCA is also widely regarded as one of the leading art and design institutions in the world [selected courses].”

IA & UXD Qualifications

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Steven Heitman
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